"Dear Christy, My husband and I were talking the other day, and we both are so grateful for you and the work you did with me. Your guidance in my litigation process was priceless, and my co-parent and I have come a long, long way for two people that were so terribly fractured by a high conflict divorce . We communicate now and discuss plans for our child, and it is not perfect by any means, but for two people that could barely speak without threatening each other or being hurtful to each other, things have greatly improved. I am a fan and believer in what you do for high conflict cases, and I wish more families knew about your services. Your efforts to guide me in the whole process has made all the difference in my child's life. I am absolutely an advocate of your work and the impact you have on the lives of the children involved in these unfortunate situations."

A former expert consulting client

“Christy, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful job you did on the home study. You were thorough and really hit the nail on the head.  The one thing I told my counselor when I started seeing her was that if you summed up (the mother) so accurately, you must have been right on my issues; so, thank you for that too.  It was very humbling to see my issues third party!  Thank you again for doing your job so well and being available.”

A former client

"Christy, Thank you!  We appreciate the role you played in what we see is a most successful outcome to a very ugly reality in life."

A former client in an expert witness case

"The Courts have appointed Christy on several difficult cases where I represented one of the parents.  Christy has an open mind and gathers all of the information before forming an opinion.  She was always very thorough and listened to all parties concerned before making a recommendation to the Court.  Oftentimes, her recommendations included future therapeutic services for the family to help them heal and improve their relationships with each other after the custody litigation ends.”

A Dallas Attorney

“Christy is thorough, conscientious and professional in her approach to performing and evaluating social studies.  I recommend her without qualification.”

A Dallas Attorney

"Christy is a lifetime member of the Family Law Foundation, and she has worked actively over the last few years with our yearly fundraisers at the Advanced Family Law Conference.  She was an active participant in the development of the new Parent Coordination/Parent Facilitation statute that was passed by the Legislature in September 2009, and she helped develop the current pending legislation regarding the factors to consider in developing parenting plans for children under three.  Christy has also testified before legislative committees on more than one occasion in support of the Foundation and its legislative package in an effort to ensure that important legislation is passed for the benefit of Texas families."

Steve Bresnen with the Family Law Foundation

“Hi, Christy, I wanted to let you know that we settled in mediation yesterday with (the father).  What a relief I felt to be able to put all this behind us and move on with things.  I appreciate all the help that you were in this case.  You were a pleasure to work with….  Thanks again so much for all your hard work.”

A former client

"Hi there! This is really random, and you may not even remember me. However, I want to thank you for what you do, and just let you know that you have impacted our lives. You were involved with my son and my husband adopting him, and when asked when I felt was the right time to tell my son, my response was when I felt like he was ready i.e. 13 years old maybe? I had no clue really. BUT you offered "gotcha day" and to this day we celebrate Gotcha day like a birthday! I love that we are not lying about it to him and how he is now 7 years old. I am so glad we took your advice as he is SOO understanding! Again just wanted to thank you and let you know there may be days work is tough. and I can not imagine the things you see on the daily, but just know, YOU DO HAVE AN IMPACT on these kids lives! Thanks again and God bless you!"

A former adoption evaluation client

"I first met Christy Bradshaw Schmidt seven years ago when she performed a social study in a case I was handling for a father pursuing custodial rights.  More recently, Christy has been performing a social study in an extremely complex custody matter in which I am representing a mother.   In my experience with her, Christy has never ‘cut corners’ in order to decrease the sometimes staggering amount of information she must gather or the numerous interviews and home visits she must conduct.  No matter who my client is, I have confidence that Christy will take all steps necessary to publish a comprehensive and thorough report which reflects her recommendations for the child's best interest, not the parents."

An Addison Attorney

“Christy, Thanks so much for mediating (my) case so skillfully and thoughtfully – and on your birthday too!  The ‘after hours’ attention to the mediation on your day is deeply appreciated.  May you have many happy birthdays.  Much thanks.”

A Dallas Attorney in regards to a mediation with Dallas County Family Court Services

“Dear Christy, I hope your holidays were delightful and the new year is full of the people and things you enjoy and love.  Thanks to you, my children and I were able to enjoy the holidays and look forward to a very happy new year.  Thank you for all of your hard work.  You truly blessed us with your efforts and caring.”

A former client from a social study with Dallas County Family Court Services

“I am sending this letter on plain paper because I am an attorney practicing in Dallas County and either currently have or have had cases in which Family Court Services is involved.  Due to the possibility of having to call your counselors as witnesses, I believe it is proper for this to be an anonymous letter.

“I know you often hear complaints about the quality of services provided, about the back-log, or about the counselors.  I think it is important for us to let you know when we feel a good job has been done.  I want to let you know that in fairly recent past, Christy K. Bradshaw conducted a social study on a case with my involvement.  Even though the report was not as favorable to my client as to the other party, I felt that Ms Bradshaw did an excellent job with her report and in her evaluation of the family.

“Ms Bradshaw, through her report, gave me tools which allowed me to work with my client – not in preparation to ‘win’ at litigation (whatever that means…), but to see areas where she has potential to make life changes that will impact her and her children’s lives forever.  Ms Bradshaw’s report was very thorough and was written in such a way that my client and I were able to have a glimpse into what it is like to view the situation from the point of view of the other party and attorney.

“Ms Bradshaw’s recommendations for my client were not the usual ‘buzz words,’ but were made in such a way that my client and I could address each one and make an action plan for improvement.  The wording of the recommendations did not provoke a defensive reaction from me or my client, but instead allowed us to consider each recommendation and the need for an action plan.

“My hope is that Family Court Services, when hiring new employees, will be able to attract those of the caliber, integrity, and insights of Ms Bradshaw.”

A Dallas Attorney’s letter to Ms Bradshaw’s supervisor at Dallas County Family Court Services